FURminator deShedding Tool Review

We love our dog mindy, she’s a member of the family, but boy oh boy does she shed! She can’t just pick one spot to lay in either so every piece of furniture in the house always has clumps of mindy hair everywhere (nice rhyme!). Once we had our daughter, we decided we needed to get serious about mindy’s shedding problem.

What’s it do?

The FURminator has special deshedding edges that reach deep down into your dogs skin coat and gently remove loose hair. FURminator makes deshedding tools for both long and short haired dogs and each variety is available in five different breed sizes to assure that you have the right tool for your dog.

So Does it Work?

Absolutely! FURminator claims their deshedding tool will reduce shedding by up to 90% and I would say that is not much of a stretch. Since we began using the FURminator on mindy, I would say her shedding has been reduced by 75%-80%. Now when we have guests, we don’t have to spend an hour sweeping dog hair off all the furniture. We also do not have to worry about our daughter getting dog hair all over her. In addition, we’ve seen a drastic improvement in the texture & luster of mindy’s coat. Mindy also loves the attention she gets from the grooming. All we have to say is “FURminator” and she comes running with tail wagging! It’s also very easy to use. If you’ve ever combed or brushed your dog, then you can use a FURminator. There’s nothing to it!

Tips for Use

Like people, every dog is different, so a little trial & error is needed to see what works best for you & your dog. However here are some general tips that we’ve found give the best results:

#1 FURminator recommends bathing your dog with a FURminator Ultra Premium shampoo followed by conditioner prior to each grooming. We’ve found this to be a bit impractical.  The FURminator waterless shampoo is a nice alternative and does improve results. Use your own judgment when it comes to bathing frequency. One important note however, make sure your dog is COMPLETELY dry before you begin using the deshedding tool.

#2. For short haired dogs, weekly use of the deshedding tool will probably be enough. For longer haired dogs, daily use is recommended. If your dog has mats, you should use a brush to remove them prior to deshedding. Using the deshedding tool on matted or tangled fur can damage it and more importantly, be painful to your pooch.

#3. Keep a trash bag handy. You’re going to need it for all the fur! (see below)

#4. Make the grooming sessions upbeat. Use this time to bond with your dog. We guarantee he’ll love the attention. Just think how much you enjoy a good back rub. Your dog will feel the same way. Make it a routine of special time you spend with your canine friend. You’ll both benefit.

#5. If your dog is exceptionally matted, or seems traumatized by the desheeding, stop and consult with a professional groomer or vet.

I can assure you that is a pretty typical result using the deshedding tool. Just think of all that hair in a nice, neat pile instead of being spread all over your house! Don’t want to take my word for it? Here are just a few excerpts from the 1000’s of 5 star reviews on Amazon:

-“Awesome! Works just like in the commercial!”

“By far the best deshedding tool I have used”

-“Not only do I love my Furminator, my Malamute likes it too”

-“It really works. I get much more hair from my Siberian Husky in the trash than on the floor” Click here for more reviews

So as you can see, I’m not the only one raving about the FURminator. It is one of those rare products that lives up to it’s hype and works as well as the manufacturer claims it does. I highly recommend it!

Where can I buy one?

We bought ours at Cranimals. We found they had the best prices, much lower than in retail stores. Plus they usually offer free shipping.

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