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Is your dog behaving differently?? Some things to consider.

Started by on 08 Oct 2018 – Last touched: 08 Oct 2018

08 Oct 2018 11:20 am    

Sometimes our dogs either suddenly or gradually, begin to behave differently. And with "differently" I mean aggressive, maybe, or lazy, or scared, or even sad.
That's usually a problematic stuff and there are some steps you need to consider as soon as possible:

1.- Pay a visit to the vet. Well, the first thing to do, of course. A change in our pet's behaviour needs a fast visit to the veterinary in order to know if the dog is suffering from some kind of sickness.
2.- If the dog is healthy, think harder. Is our dog completely healthy?? And, yet, he's behaving really differently? Then this is the time for us to think harder. There are a lot of things that our dogs are always trying to tell us that maybe we just ignore:

//a) There have been some changes in our own behaviour. Are you ok? Are you in a bad shape, are you ill, maybe? If your dog looks nervous when spending some time with you, or maybe he/she spends a lot of time smelling any part of your body... well, this is time FOR YOU to go to a doctor. Dogs have an impressive nose. They can smell things inside our body and know that something is not ok, so, if your dog is kind of nervous around you, just go to and get a medical check.

//b) The dog is becoming aggressive. Well, that's never good, of course. Is there something new in the house? Any new partner, any new neighbour? Or how old is your dog? Is he a teenager, or maybe he's an adult? Because the age can absolutely change the way they behave... Maybe he's just coming into his sexual maturity or maybe he's just jealous or insecure. Maybe the dog is anxious because you have accepted this new job and now you don't have as much time to spend with him as you used to. Whatever it is, you need to think harder once the sickness is discarded. Something has changed and you need to observe the animal and to be patient, to be regardant and sharped in order to be able to determinate what has changed.

///c) it is a she. Well, maybe she's just psychologically pregnant and she's becoming aggressive due to her personal needs. Maybe she's into the sexual maturity and she's going through her very first period, or she's an oldie and feeling tired. maybe she's depressed because your son has just left the house to go to college, whatever it is, considering the gender and the age of your dog, just observe, patiently and try to help the animal.

Whatever the problem is, our duty is always to help them. If we stress and desperately scream or shut to our dogs because they are behaving differently, probably it will increment the animal anxiety and the problem is going to be far worst. So just chill, spend some time with the dog and keep your mind sharp in order to guess what has changed recently.
Now, some of the best ways to keep your dog focus is training. So just repeat the basics, give the animal some prices when asking it to do something as sit down. Just spend some time with your dog, some quality and focused time. And, if you realized what actually has changed, then, do something about.

What do you think?? Do you have any experience in such a matter?

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