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The ages of dogs: to be a PUPPY.

Started by on 03 Oct 2018 – Last touched: 30 Nov 2018

03 Oct 2018 01:26 pm    

Many times we have some sort of imagination about our puppy feelings. And that's normal we, as a kind of monkey, tend to imagine our puppy like a human baby.
Well, there is not such a thing. This is a dog. A really young one, but a dog at the end of the day.

The first weeks in dog's life are crucial for their socialization. It is when they find out how to communicate with others, their own language, as well as some social rituals that will be dramatically important in their adult's lives. That's why we must not separate our puppies from their family until, at least, they reach the 10 weeks. This period is known by the canine ethology as "Imprinting", where all the social habits, behaviours and socialization skills, both with other dogs, and humans, as well as with other species.

So, what happens with dogs when being separated from their families too soon?? Well, nothing and everything can happen. Of course, it will depend on the dog, but the most probable situation is that we will have, as a result, an adult dog with some socialization issues like social fear -either to fellow dogs or other species like humans, misunderstood of the doggy language, in the worst cases even aggressiveness towards other dogs or even humans, and a long etc.
Besides a confused dog, we can have a huge problem in the house, so lets puppies live their essential imprinting period, and not be in a rush about having it at home far too early.

Nevertheless, we can just visit the new family member while learning with the family. That also implies that we will be able to build an early relationship with the dog as well as we can even help in the imprinting, so we can work with the puppy and get him to be used to some experiences, even helping the animal to avoid some probable "future phobias". How? Well, for instance, by using a balloon. We can just have some amazing food in one hand, and, while feeding the dog, just blow up the balloon. Probably it will scare the dog, but, after some repetitions, the animal will make a relation between high sounds and tasty food, and it will help, for sure, to the future dog to be relaxed even while fireworks are noising as hell.

So, a puppy, in a resume, is a dog learning how to be a dog, how to communicate, how to have a relationship with humans, with other species, with sounds, with all kind of stimuli. So we need to respect that, give them the necessary time to mind grow-up properly and become a mental-healthy adult dog.

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